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Shawn Chen FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 1/11/2017 Erisonic Innovation Technology, LLC 888-860-7788

IMG_46160Erisonic Excites to Announce a Brand New Wallet.

The Best Smart Wallet Left pocket keys – check. Right pocket cellphone – check. Back pocket wallet? It’s not there. There’s no worse feeling than not knowing where your wallet is. This feeling seems to happen to the majority of people multiple times throughout their lives. If users are one of these victims of misfortune, Erisonic Smart Wallet and its revolutionary Anti-Loss System finally has the solution for you.

Smart Wallet is made by a company called Erisonic who specialize in creating innovative and dynamic technology products. Smart Wallet comes in a variety of sizes and styles and on the outside, while being unbelievably thin and light, comes with the durability that you expect from your higher quality name brand wallets.

The Smart Wallet directly connects with the Smart Wallet app via Bluetooth that user can download from the iPhone or Android app store. With the app user can change the settings of how far user need to be from the wallet for an alarm to go off, turn GPS location on or put the wallet in sleep mode along with many more features that users can customize to fit their lifestyle best.

The Smart Wallet Anti-Loss System will automatically notify users when they start to get too far away from it. If they happen to lose it somewhere, they can pull up the GPS map to see the exact place and time where they misplaced it.

The Anti-Loss System of Smart Wallet is what separates it from any other smart wallet out there. The Smart Wallet even knows if it fell out of user’s pocket or not. If it were to somehow slide out, an alarm will instantly start going off so users can find it. Once they find their Smart Wallet, they can simply disable the alarm by tapping it twice, put the phone near it or shake the smartphone. The Smart Wallet is simple to use and easy to charge using a USB cord.

If users like the majority of people around the world and tend to lose things including their wallet on a constant basis, the Smart Wallet is the best choice for them.

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