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Return and Exchange FAQ

What is the refund policy??

There will be no refund unless there is a manufacturing defect. Please see our warranty guidelines.

What is the exchange & return policy??

There will be no exchanges or returns unless there is a manufacturing defect. We stand by our product and we will send you a replacement unit in that case.

Please see our warranty guidelines.

What is the warranty policy??

The Erisonic Smart Wallet is under a 3 month manufacturer defect-related warranty with the option to purchase an extended one-year warranty for $39.99.

Erisonic does not cover damage caused by misuse, abuse, normal use, or the attachment of any unauthorized accessory, alteration to the product or other conditions whatsoever that are beyond the control of Erisonic.

If you are having operation issue with your device, please call Toll Free 1-888-860-7788 to speak with a friendly sales associate who will walk you through steps of operation or go through some trouble shooting steps.  If it is determined that warranty service is necessary, you need to send in the defective device to the address below for service.

Erisonic Innovation Technology, LLC

8901 Washington Street
Kansas City MO 64114

Please include the following items with your return:

  • the item you have received (we do not need the box and accessories etc. unless requested by customer service)
  • copy of your receipt showing the date, vendor, and amount paid -a brief note describing the reason for return.

Please email to customer service for support at

Note: Store policy above is subject to change anytime.

Note: Store policy above is subject to change anytime.

Order and Shipping FAQ

Do you ship internationally??

Yes, we do ship internationally. International shipping cost is $19.99 to all countries. Please note that the shipping cost does not include import duty/tax.

When does the order ship??

Your order ships in 1-3 days from the date of the order. Expected transit time is between 3-5 business days for US and 7-14 business days for orders outside the US.

How much are the shipping cost??

Shipping cost in US is $3.99 to all states.

International shipping cost is $25.99 to all countries.

Features FAQ

What is Erisonic Smart Wallet ?

Thousands of people forget or lose their wallet every day.

Erisonic smart wallet is a smart bluetooth enabled wallet that protects your wallet from getting lost also prevents its contents from getting lost.

What is Erisonic Smart Wallet Dual CPU bluetooh chip safety system??

We have implemented Texas Instrument’s CC2540 Bluetooth chip into our SmartWallet. This cost-effective, low-power, true system-on-chip (SoC) is extremely efficient for low energy applications.

How do I activate my Erisonic Smart wallet??

Follow these steps below to activate your wallet:

  1. Turn on the Bluetooth in your phone settings
  2. Open the App you have downloaded
  3. Create an account by using your email and any password you like
  4. Once you have logged in, use USB cord to charge your wallet
  5. Us the App to scan the 2-D bar code on the top right corner of the handbook
  6. Now, your wallet is ready for you to use!!

Also, you can watch the following video to activate you wallet,

How do I connect my wallet with smartphone App??

The following video provides detail instructions,

Can I create my own alarm sounds? ?

Your smart wallet allows you to create your own alarm sounds by pre-recording your voice.

Can I choose the different alarms for Erisonic Smart Wallet??

The alarm for the wallet and phone can be selected from over 50 different alarm sounds. There is also a vibration option available to remind you.

What is Erisnoic Smart Wallet Auto Reconnect Feature? ?

You do not need to pair your wallet with your phone every time it disconnected. If there is a break in your Bluetooth signal, the Smart Wallet will immediately connect back to your phone as soon as the signal is established.

How to use Temporary Silence function??

Watch the follow video, it provide detail info on how to use temporary silence function.

How to use anti-theft function??

Please watch the following video for instructions,

How to use anti-loss function??

Technical and Support FAQ

Who should I talk to if I have operation issue??

If you are having operation issue with your device, please call Toll Free 1-888-860-7788 to speak with a friendly sales associate who will walk you through steps of operation or go through some trouble shooting steps. 

Where do I download wallet App??

You can go to Download App page from Erisonic Smart Wallet official site,

Or scan the code from the button.

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Where does the product ships from? ?

All Erisonic Smart Wallet ship directly from the United States. You can always track the package with the tracking number we give you.

Battery Technology?

You can charge Erisonic Smart Wallet by using the given USB line in the box. Easy and fast.

What phones are compatible??

The BCloud App is compatible with devices that run iOS 7.0 or later or Android.

How many battery does my wallet left??

You can go into BCloud App. On the main screen, the circle bar presents you the days of your wallet that can still being use.

Does it work at anywhere??

Yes, it works at anywhere in the word as long as the wallet has battery.

Why is the GPS function not working??

First, turn on location services in your phone setting, and make sure your wallet app allow location access.

GPS function is usable when your phone and Erisonic Smart Wallet are being disconnected. Thus, your phone will mark the last location before disconnection on the map.

You can try to disconnect your phone and the wallet to test see if it is working or not.

Why does my wallet ring when take it out of my pocket??

Anti-theft function: the wallet will ring when the wallet is out of the pocket, this prevents being stolen. You can change the “delay of warning” from 0 to 6 seconds.

Also, there are multiple ways to stop the waring, you can: 1. Tap twice to dismiss the alarm; or 2. Put your phone nearby your wallet; or 3. Shake your wallet twice.

When I activate my wallet, I am having trouble scanning the 2-D bar code on the handbook.?

Remember, you need to charge your wallet in order to turn on your wallet. Once you see the red light on your wallet, you can try to scan the code.

The sensor is quite sensitive, you might need to try a few times to successfully scan the code.

How long does the wallet take to fully charge??

It takes 3 hours to finish one full of charging.